• Alliance Saved Us Money

    Mercer Island School Board

    On behalf of the board, I wanted to thank you both for working with Dean and achieving such a remarkable reduction in the number of pole replacements needed. We were all pleased and impressed.

    Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to education.

  • Alliance Sees It Through

    The Overlake School

    Overlake and I could not have completed these projects without your hard work and dedication. Thank you for being with Overlake and me through these projects!

  • Alliance Strategizes

    Steilacoom Historical School District interim superintendent

    Liz thank you for your thoughtfulness and intentionality on this project!

  • Alliance has Commitment

    The Overlake School

    Thanks so much for all you do for us. You are a great Owner's Rep and we are appreciative to have your expertise and dedication.

  • Alliance is Resourceful

    Steilacoom Historical School District

    Your resourcefulness on the slides alone was masterful! The board was very appreciative of your work. Nicely done Liz. Many thanks.

  • Alliance Facilitates All Sizes of Needs

    Small Tenant Improvement Layout

    Admissions really appreciates the thought and consideration given to the front office redesign.

  • Alliance Collaborates

    Woodinville Montessori School

    Liz LeRoy...stood out as the most qualified individual to provide collaborative project management support to our school.

  • Alliance Works as a Team

    Mercer Island 21C Facilities Committee Member

    I would also like to acknowledge the hard work, insight and time put in by Liz, Tony and Dean. Without the commitment of the three of you, this report would really be lacking. Thank you for your effort and knowledge.!!!

  • Alliance Improves Athletic Programs

    The Overlake School Athletic Field

    Thank you so much for the beautiful, amazing, fun field that our students get to use every day, rain or shine!!!! …. and thanks again for making this great asset happen for our students and programs.

  • Alliance Saves Tme

    Steilacoom Historical School District

    I wanted to start off by saying how much I appreciate the hard word you put in....in such a short amount of time. I am truly grateful for all of your research on this.

  • Alliance Takes Pride


    Also, it has been truly a pleasure working with you, Tony and Dean on the music room and we are looking forward to continuing this with the new work.

  • Alliance is Process Driven

    Architect Selection Process

    That was a great meeting yesterday. Thank you for organizing it and simplifying what could have been a very long and complicated process. I am very happy with the outcome.......

  • Alliance Partners with Jurisdictions

    Permit coordination

    Great, nice job, glad you were able to resolve it. Nicely done with King County!

  • Alliance is Connected with the Heart of Schools; the Staff

    School Staff

    LizLizLiz - you are the best. Having lived through several construction projects, I just have to tell you that this was terrific.

  • Alliance Works within Stringent Schedules

    Mercer Island School District

    Thanks Liz! We appreciate the hundreds of hours of work that it took to make this all come together. Timelines on this project were exceptionally tight!

  • Alliance Shows that Success is being Connected

    School Staff

    ….you have been incredibly accommodating, considerate and communicative. Perhaps more importantly, it has been obvious since day one that you both cared deeply about getting it right, and making it work for all. I can only imagine the balancing act you both have succeeded at maintaining. We are grateful and appreciative of all you do and have done on behalf of our kids.

  • Alliance Collabrates to a Vision

    Small Steps Transforms School into Long Term Vision

    Thank you Karen, Liz, and Lilac for all the hard work it took to reach this important milestone!

    .....it is important to recognize the progress and positive results that have already been achieved. Step by step, we are moving down the long road of transforming our buildings into our home.

  • Alliance Works Closely with Clients


    Thank you Liz. I don’t know what we’d do without you.

  • Alliance Follows Through

    With Gratitude

    Thank you for all your efforts in completing the ......projects.

  • Alliance Connects


    ...the board spoke of glowing terms of Liz LeRoy....

  • Alliance Works as a Team and Independently

    Mercer Island School District Superintendent

    Great draft and direction...I'd say, continue the great work...

  • Alliance Supports Clients Priorities


    Your at the top of our list.

  • Alliance is creative

    Creative Thinking

    I really admire your ability to make quick transitions...you are clearly intelligent and a quick thinker which I enjoy being associated with.

  • Alliance provides results


    THANKS! to all of you for your excellent work in making the project come together over the last few days. We so appreciate your efforts and the results of those efforts.

  • Alliance proven success

    Success! for Mercer Island School District projects

    Thanks for your help in making this a successful project....

  • Alliance provides details

    Details equals excellence

    Excellent work. Thanks!

  • Alliance provides humor and energy

    Capturing community enthusiasm

    OMG! Liz you are a rock star.

  • From my kiddos perspective

    Legos Construction techniques matters too

    What? You are an awesome builder mama.

  • Alliance is articulate

    Board meetings and presentations

    You are very concise and articulate in your answers, which make the process easy to understand.

  • Alliance is determined

    Ongoing processes

    Awesome Liz!!

    Thanks for your determination.

  • Alliance on communication difficult issues

    Problem solving in a proactive way

    You are so graceful on how you do things. I really respect that.

  • Alliance priorities safety

    Safety through completion

    ...I’m sure you must be responsible for this, I want you to know how much it’s appreciated for the safety and for the calm and uncluttered cluttered atmosphere...

    Thanks so much for the care you’re taking.

  • Alliance leads

    Good approach with professionalism

    You have been very responsive, friendly, professsional and organized dealing with...government agencies.....I wanted to compliment you on your demeanor, professionalism, and representation of your clients.

  • Alliance and clients have respect for each other


    Thanks, you are wonderful.

  • ALLIANCE spends time on details

    Thanks, Liz!  You're GREAT!

  • Results

    Getting it done

    Yes, but ....You are busy, but the difference is that you get it done.

  • Connections

    Connecting each other to help kids grow and learn

    And Liz, we owe a huge thanks to you for all your hard work and for even letting us know about the property!

  • Respected by the most important people

    From the littlest & closest to my heart : My Four Year Old Xavier

    I don't like you mama.....

    I really really really love you. And I really respect you.

  • For the kids


    Thanks for all your help and generosity.

  • Follow through with attitude


    you are the GREATEST

  • Valuable

    Value in the long process

    This is just confirmation that you are as wonderful as I think you are. Well done.

  • Completion all the way through furniture

    Furniture coordination

    We did it! The room looks great Liz (down to each desk and furniture item)!! ...Thanks so much for all your help Liz!

  • Budget budget

    Praise from Orcas Island

    Liz is an extremely intelligent and capable manager. She has a broad understanding of both architecture and construction and does a fabulous job of acting as a liaison between the two. She is also takes a very deliberate and careful approach to budgeting, She is personable, manages difficult questions well, and is a pleasure to work with.

  • Community Member


    Thank you so much for the email - and for being so quick to respond....the project has continued in its organized, orderly fashion and all looks better and better!

  • Keeping progress and ongoing updates.....


    Excellent. So exciting. Thanks for the update!

  • Project completed on time and on budget


    Lots of praise for you today as I toured....Everyone says what a great job you have done getting everything done! And it looks great! Congratulations!

  • End result

    Positive feedback

    Tour comments soooo positive. People do appreciate your hard work!

  • Completed!


    I am impressed with the work .......

  • Board Meetings

    You are so good .. and by the way, you do a GREAT job as a presenter. So smart, articulate and clear about things .. That is a gift.

  • Board Meetings

    ....and thinking about the amazing job you do for us. Your job would make my head explode. Thank you for the thoughtful updates you bring to the board each month. They are always detailed, relevant...! Thanks for all you do for us, Liz!

  • Beyond

    Liz has more than earned what she has charged us and continues to provide services vastly beyond what anyone could reasonably expect from an “architect”.

  • Outcome

    Looks great! Incredibly grateful...

  • Balance

    She has guided us through the process of hiring the architects, contractor and the construction phases of the project. She is smart and saavy and tough, but a warm and charming person.

  • Start of School

    The public is very pleased so far and look forward to the finishing touches to occur so we can welcome our students on September 5th! Appreciate all of you!

  • Teamwork!

    Thanks for being such a great team! ....appreciate you all!

  • Articulate

    Nicely done Liz. Well written, articulate and grounded in clear rationale.

  • Working it

    I don't know how you worked it, but it sure seemed like they were anxious to make you happy...........Way to get after it. Nicely done.

  • Just be

    From my nine year old Xavier; who's opinion matters the most!

    Just be you mama. You'll do great.

  • Fantastic

    Thank you. You were fantastic. Exactly what they needed.

  • Grateful

    This is it! We did it! .... I'm so grateful for you.

  • A thank you!


  • An incredible space

    I just keep bursting into tears. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Thank you, ALL for getting us here. It is such an incredible space.

  • Subtle Guidance

    Thank you very much for managing this, Liz!


    Thank you Liz for helping to make the final push.  I appreciate your help in providing a strong finish to what has been some great learning and amazing work over the last 5-6 years!